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Specialists in Organisational Development and Change.

In 1999 icskills.com developed a Custom 360 degree appraisal process to support a change management programme.

The requirement was for a fully flexible system that allowed both 'postal' and 'on-line' questionnaire capability. Launched in May 2000 the system was then applied to several other projects including Sainsbury's Supermarkets where we delivered in excess of 8 thousand feedback reports.

Reactive360 was our next venture, designed using the principles and learning gathered from the success of icskills.

Our mission: To provide bespoke capability in a simple framework, direct to the user, without the cost.

Launched in May 2007 reactive continues to be a market leader - currently with over seven thousand account holders. Since launch the system has been used globally to create in excess of fifty thousand feedback reports in fourteen different languages.

Quick360 was designed simply to see how easy we could make a 360 feedback and appraisal system. 

Launched in May 2009 there are over two thousand clients using the free quick360 system.